Game Writing

Some of the various pieces I produced for game and narrative design, grouped by project.

Selected Twine passages - Horror
Cinematic Script (Pixelles Assignment) - Horror

Character Design (Pixelles Assignment) - Action/Adventure RPG
Quest Design Document (Pixelles Assignment) - RPG/Visual Novel
Item Descriptions (Pixelles Assignment) - Various Genres
Bark Sheet (Pixelles Assignment) - Various Genres

Cinematic Script - Young Horror
Barks - Young Horror

Twine Script - Drama

Conditional NPCs and Item Interactions - Adventure

Lore Description - RPG
Quest Design Document - RPG
Cinematic Script - RPG

Game Journalism

Between 2020 and 2021 I have been writing and publishing op-eds, game reviews , game guides and news articles for various gaming publications.

Gloomhaven 7 Beginner's Tips
ATOM RPG: Trudograd Review
Is 4k Realism Ruining Gaming?
The Tabletop Simulator Boom

Academic Writing

I published a number of peer-reviewed academic papers during the course of my PhD. Details of these can be found at the following links

Google Scholar page
Internet of Things and LoRaWAN-Enabled Future Smart Farming (open-source)


Some of my short stories, and fiction. While originally written in italian these have been translated and adapted in English. They are mostly SFW

Notre-Dame Burns
Half a live chicken