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My name's Bruno, I have a PhD and I am a game developer, designer and writer. I grew up in Rome before moving to the UK in 2012 where I eventually gained a PhD in Electronics and became a British citizen.

I have been playing games for the past 25 years, starting on the big see-through Classic Gameboy, getting through the golden age of PS1 JRPGs and ending up assembling my own PCs.

I have been writing for almost as long: terrible poems as a heartbroken teenager, then fiction, game reviews and op-eds, scientific papers and games .

Sometime during my PhD, I decided to pursue a career in game design and development and started messing around with game engines to add to the programming skills I have developed throughout my time in academia.

When I am not writing or playing games, I compose, record and perform music and try to play football as often as possible.

I am currently working as a Junior Game Designer with Nordcurrent. I am always reachable via email at bruno.citoni.creative@gmail.com or via the usual socials.